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Review of ON AIR’s recital „LAMENTO – Farewell and Eternity“
in Early Music Review, No. 155, August 2013

Early Music Review




York Early Music Festival 2013:
‚The Eternal City‘

Reviewed by David Vickers

There was much more visible enthusiasm from On Air (an oboe band from Bremen), who looked as if they enjoy the act of music-making. The convivial interplay between a range of all kinds of oboes (and bassoon) was an entertaining breath of fresh air, and their playing had plenty of cantabile finesse. I admired how intelligently the short programme balanced sacred and secular, instrumental and vocal (a chorus from BWV 38 transferred to just woodwinds), and German and English music.

Early Music Review, No. 155, August 2013, snippet




Read the whole review as pdf file: Early Music Review, No. 155, August 2013.